This book of nursery rhymes is for children of the computer age. The use of these word images teaches children abstract thinking and should be popular with adults as well. © Robert E. Messick Send e-mail
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The compelling music of these jingles is so ear-catching, children from eighteen months to six years and more will listen to them entranced when they are read aloud. Then, they begin to say them with the reader, and next, they are chanting them when they are alone, never missing a beat or a rhyme. The melodies of these nursery rhyme verses may begin crudely with a tumpity-tump sort of beat, but there are also some charming lyrics in Mother Goose collections, not included in this site, such as "Daffy-down-dilly," "I saw a ship a-sailing," and others.
Johanna Cormier, February 10, 1998.